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Nude Oil                                      $26

An ingrown hair treatment with nourishing, hydrating, and calming properties. This all natural essential oil blend will leave your skin feeling smooth and bump free, while calming down any inflammation from any existing bumps. We would say that this product is the gold standard of waxing aftercare!

Bushbalm-Nude-Oil 2_edited.png

Sweet Escape                            $26

This formula is the exact same formula as the Nude Oil, but with a sweet twist! Experience the gold standard waxing aftercare oil, but in a Tangerine/Vanilla scent!

Sweet Escape Oil_edited.png

Bermuda Dark Spot Oil           $27

Target ingrown hairs and hyperpigmentation, with this all natural, essential oil blend. This dark spot oil will help to reduce the appearance of discoloration in all areas of the skin, intimate areas like: the bikini area, underarms, and between the cheeks. 

Bushbalm-Bermuda-Oil 2_edited.png

Pina Colada Dark Spot Oil      $27

This formula is the exact same formula as the Bermuda Dark Spot Oil, but with a tropical twist! 


Products available for purchase in-store at Skin Society Wax & Spa! Drop shipping coming soon!

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