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Women's Brazilian Wax  $55

A bikini wax that extends into the pubic area and in between the cheeks

 Facial Waxing 

brows, lip, chin, sideburns + cheeks, hairline, jawline, nose, ears, full face

Dermaplane  $75

Using a sterile, surgical scalpel, dead skin and the vellus hair "peach fuzz" is removed from the facial skin. After the treatment, a custom sheet mask is placed on top of the skin to rehydrate the skin and penetrate concern specific ingredients into the skin. 

ADD ON: Custom Hydro Jelly Mask $22

Women's Body Waxing

bikini full, bikini line, full butt, butt strip, underarms, lower legs, upper legs, full legs, inner thighs, lower back, half back, full back, neck, shoulders, lower arms, upper arms, full arms, full stomach, stomach strip, chest, nipples

Post Brazilian Wax Recovery Mask  $25

Add on a soothing and antibacterial hydro jelly mask post Brazilian Wax to prevent ingrown hairs, reduce redness and irritation, and speed up the skin's recovery time post wax

Brow Lamination  $79

A chemical treatment to the brow hair to set the hairs in a desired shape, giving a fuller and fluffier look. Brow clean-up and After care is included 

ADD ON: Brow Tint $15

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